Established in 2020 to bring you the best in speculative fiction.

Wyldblood Press

Our aim is to publish high quality speculative and literary fiction. You’ll see novels, magazines and anthologies with the Wyldblood logo, drawn from a diverse range of authors and illustrators. We publish the best new talent, established authors and some well loved classics. Wyldblood Magazine showcases a clutch of new science fiction and fantasy stories, the best of which will find their way into our ‘Best of’ anthologies. Our books appear in print and electronically and our magazine is available in all electronic formats including kindle and pdf. We may even sell t-shirts. We’d like to put out six novels over the next year and some shorter fiction, but the quality will need to be high for us to publish. We want speculative fiction in all its forms. If you have a story you believe in, check out the submissions page for our requirements and how to submit.

We’ve been publishing flash fiction since July in our Wyld Flash series. We’ve launched a series of novels and anthologies under the Wyldblood Classics banner. We’ve published Werewolf and Steampunk anthologies. We’re working with some fine authors for upcoming original novels. And the eighth issue of our regular Wyldblood Magazine is out now.

Who we are

Mark Bilsborough

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Editor and publisher. Odyssey graduate with numerous short story publishing credits and way more education than is good for him. Teaches creative writing and politics (an interesting combination), supports a perennially underachieving football team (Sheffield Wednesday – don’t ask) and wants to live somewhere where he can ski all the time. Email him at mark@wyldblood.com or visit www.markbilsborough.com where you can pick up his two short story collections. Also on twitter @MarkBils. Not a big fan of formality so it’s always Mark – never Mr B.

Sandra Davies Baker

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Fiction editor, sales and marketing. A published writer with a Masters Degree in Creative Writing and a background in copywriting. Teaches media studies to future moguls. Once worked for a music magazine interviewing actual rock stars, so trumps everyone else on the coolness scale.

Mike Lewis

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First Reader. Mike attended Clarion East quite a while ago and has had a small variety of short stories published and is proud of the fact that one of his stories is used to teach Swedish children to learn English (and learn to swear).  He has also self-published a children’s novel.  He is in two different writers’ groups with the editor and used to work in IT.  He now makes Toy Soldiers for a living and sometimes writes SF and Fantasy.

Rebecca Ruvinski

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First Reader. A student and emerging writer, she’s had poetry and prose published, and spends her free time baking cookies, knitting, and playing D&D.

Vaughan Stanger

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First Reader. Briefly an astronomer and subsequently a research project manager in a defence and aerospace engineering company, Vaughan Stanger now writes science fiction and fantasy full-time, a career development that seems appropriate for someone who watched the Apollo 11 moon-landing on television. He still craves that holiday on the Moon he claims he was promised. Vaughan’s stories have appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Abyss & Apex, Nature Futures and Interzone, amongst others. He has published three collections: Moondust Memories, Sons of the Earth & Other Stories, and The Last Moonshot and Other Stories. Several of his stories have been translated into foreign languages. Follow Vaughan’s writing adventures at http://www.vaughanstanger.com or @VaughanStanger.

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