We are closed for fiction submissions.

We may reopen for flash later in the year but we don’t anticipate reopening for longer stories until 2024.

We’re open for non-fiction and artwork queries.


Query us with ideas for articles, reviews and interviews at Don’t send the text – we’ll ask for it if we think it might be suitable. If we buy, it’ll be at our short fiction rate of $0.01 per word. Put ‘QUERY‘ in your email’s subject line, please, otherwise we may miss it.


We need covers and interior illustations for Wyldblood Magazine (one per story). We pay $85 for original covers and $15 per illustration. Query us with samples at

We are a speculative fiction publisher. Interpret that as you will when deciding what to submit, but bear in mind that we are unlikely to publish fiction without a speculative element (science fiction or fantasy) and we’re not keen on horror, humour or high fantasy. We pay for fiction.

Response times

We aim to respond to all recent flash fiction submissions by mid May, but for all other outstanding submisisons our response times are lengthening, due to the number of submissions we’ve been receiving. We hope to speed up, but we could be up to six months for novellas and up to nine months for novels (though we’ll be quicker with an initial query). Apologies for the wait.

For reference, our submissions guidance (with payment rates) is here.

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