We are OPEN for flash fiction, novels and werewolf anthology stories, but we will be temporarily closing for novel/novella submissions on October 2nd.

We are CLOSED for short story submissions. We will reopen on December 14th.

We have now responded to all short story submissions up the 1st of September, but we know some of our responses were diverted by spam filters (particularly early submissions). If you haven’t heard from us, please get in touch. If you submitted after September 1st and we haven’t responded we are most likely holding your story for our final selection meeting, which will take place in the next few days.

For all submissions:

  • email us at
  • head your email SUBMISSION (story title) – (your name).
  • add a short cover note in the body of your email (longer for novels), and tell us your word count, the genre (eg science fiction) and category (eg flash) of your story.
  • submit your story as an email attachment (Word or RTF – no PDF please) using standard manuscript format (essential), which should always include your full contact details at the top of your manuscript (not the header, because that doesn’t come up in the ‘preview pane’).
  • simultaneous submissions are fine (but tell us if you get placed elsewhere).
  • multiple submissions are a no-no. Don’t swamp us. Wait a decent interval between submissions.
  • we only take reprints if we ask for them or you’ve written for us before (half pay-rate for reprints).
  • RIGHTS We are buying first worldwide English language ‘serial’ (print and electronic) rights with a 180 day exclusivity.
  • RESPONSE TIMES For short fiction, we get back to most people within 14 days but can take longer (if we shortlist your story, we’re likely to hold on to it for a while). Query if you haven’t heard from us in 60 days. Novels and novellas will take longer but feel free to prod us after 90 days.
  • PAYMENT: For short fiction (under 10,000 words) we pay 1 pence (GB) per word (ie £0.01) via paypal (which depending on exchange rates is approx 1.3 cents (US) per word, ie $0.013). Novellas and novels are royalty-only (competitive rates).
  • FLASH 300-1,000 words max.
  • we are currently only seeking science fiction and fantasy flash fiction.
  • initially for online publication only (Wyld Flash Fridays).
  • best stories may be reprinted in an anthology.
  • NOVELLAS AND NOVELS 40,000 -120,000 words (firm limits).
  • submissions can be in any genre – quality knows no boundaries.
  • send us the full text and include a one page synopsis.
  • ebook and/or print.
  • WEREWOLF ANTHOLOGY 2,500-10,000 words max
  • ebook and print.

Check out our processes and preferences page for more on what we want to see (and what we don’t) and how we make our story selection decisions,


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