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Wyldblood Magazine #1 out Friday!

Wyldblood Magazine #1 is out on 15th January. Eleven stories, one interview, loads of book reviews and a bright, shiny cover. We’ve got frogs and dogs, doll’s houses and crows, soul eaters and graffiti artists, ice sculptures and coal miners, wizards and savants and a cyclist on a mission. Fantasy, science fiction and a touchContinue reading “Wyldblood Magazine #1 out Friday!”

Wyld Flash 23 – Eye Candy

Today’s New Year themed Wyld Flash is Eye Candy by N.E Rule, where everything kicks off at a New Year party – in space. Ah… parties. Maybe this year. Happy 2021!

Merry Christmas! Wyld Flash 22 – Looking Back

Happy holidays and festive greetings from Wyldblood. And today being a Friday, there’s free flash on our website. Jane Saunders’ Looking Back considers Christmas from a fresh angle. Whether you’re partying or locked down, whether you’re celebrating or just watching the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery, have a great one.

Queen of the Black Coast

Today we’re publishing Queen of the Black Coast – a collection of classic Conan the Barbarian stories by Robert E Howard. Pirates, wizards and monsters – who could want for more? Fast paced Sword and Sorcery – avaiable to order in the UK and to order in the US now.

Hour of the Dragon

We’ve just published a brace of Robert E Howard Conan the Barbarian books – starting with the only novel-length Conan story – The Hour of the Dragon. Classic sword and sorcery with all the dragons, wizards and demons a legendary action hero could ever need. Out now in paperback (click to order copies from theContinue reading “Hour of the Dragon”

Wyld Flash 21- War Crimes

War Crimes by Eric Fomley is our latest Wyld Flash – free on the website. We could have gone all light and fluffy in the run-up to Christmas, but why be predictable? And in case you missed it, we’re back open for submissions. Happy Friday.

flash needed!

We’re loving the submissions flooding in right now – but if anyone has a New Year themed flash piece they want to fast-track into publication, now’s the time to send it in (anything up to 1,500 words for New Year flash – paying market).


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