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Wyld FLASH 61 – City of Lights

New flash fiction on the website today – City of Lights by MM Schreier. Thought provoking science fiction. Here’s the first few paragraphs. Click the link for the rest. Rose folded her hands on her lap, the skin spotted and papery thin. Her knuckles were swollen and fingers stiff. I won’t miss all these achesContinue reading “Wyld FLASH 61 – City of Lights”

Wyldblood Magazine Issue 5 is out now!

We’ve just launched Wyldblood Magazine #5 on Amazon and on the website, available in print and in all electronic formats. What’s in it? Stories, lots of stories, about ghosts, dragons and cunningly evil computers. Here’s the run-down: Nine outstanding new science fiction and fantasy stories: A Stranger, Passing Through, by Holly Barratt. A woman, strandedContinue reading “Wyldblood Magazine Issue 5 is out now!”

Wyld Flash 60 – Head Game

Twisty turny head spinning science fiction in this week’s Wyld Flash – Head Game, by award-winning author Trey Dowell – free fiction, live now on the website.

Wyld Flash 59 – The Long Way Home

A blood moon, terrifying creatures, tattoo covered bites, scared people, estranged families – all tightly packed in an emotionally charged 1,000 words by Chrissie Rohrman. The Long Way Home is fantastic and free in this week’s Wyld Flash, live now on the website

Wyld Flash 58 – Sariya Grants a Wish

We’ve gone all wistful and gentle with our 58th flash fiction story. Sariya Grants a Wish by Lebanese Palestinian writer J.D. Harlock is a nice uplifting Friday tale, because stories aren’t all about darkness and demons. Free and live now on the website

Wyld Flash 57 – Willow

This week’s free flash fiction is a gently uplifting story about the resilience of nature, no matter what we throw at it. Willow, by G. Ekman, on the website now.

Wyld Flash 54 – A Little Monster

Cats are fluffy and cute. Yeah, right. Alyson Tait’s A Little Monster will sort out that little misunderstanding. Warning: claws may be involved. Live now on the website.


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