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D.K. Latta – Greetings, Distant Travellers
Diego Lama – Vendetta
Sean MacKendrick – Keepers
Karl Dandenell – Ruby Throat and Gold
Laura Blackwell – In My Forest of Inky Night
Dana Vickerson – Entertain, Embrace, Eat
Emmie Christie – Appealing Skin Model
Leila Murton Poole – The Hanging VIne
Kai Delmas – Under Fire, Under Steel
Austin Shirey – Feels Like the End of the World
Rosalind Goldsmith – Weeper
J. P. Relph – Declawed
Anna Clark – Ice in the Furnace
Madalena Daleziou – Master Craftsman’s Apology
Lyndsey Croal – Space for One
Holley Cornetto – The Orchard of Dreams
Kit Campbell – Coming Home
Y.M. Resnik – Magic Is Like a Box of Chocolates
Robert Bagnall – I Was Just Doing What You Asked
Megan Baffoe – Away with the Mermaids
B.A. Booher – High Stakes
Matt Bliss – Penny Rutherford’s Super-Awesome Adventure Journal
Devan Barlow – Shaping
Jessica Andrewartha – Without a Step
Shelly Jones – Like Footprints in the Snow
Mike Adamson – Rain Girl
Nina Kiriki Hoffman – Shifters
M. Shedric Simpson – Gods Once
Anna Madden – Broken Wing Syndrome
André Geleynse – Last-Minute Shopping List for your First Space Road Trip
Kai Delmas – Once Upon a Time
Lara Slabber – The Garment Dragon
C.C. Rayne – Days of Creation
Sandra Skalski – Dancing in the Treetops
Erin McQuaig –Fish
Linda McMullen – The Diagnostician
Eliane Boey – Scrap
Meirav Seifert – Better Than Nate
Avra Margariti – Mercurial, Like the Ocean
Lindsay Mcdonald – Faceless
Andrew Fraknoi – The Listener Between Worlds
O.S. Curran – Squandered, Spent
Elizabeth Broadbent – Atop dead Trees
Kai Delmas – All the Time in the World
Susan Cornford – Death and the Maiden
Holley Cornetto – Queen of Flowers
Tara Campbell – In the City of Chuckling Roses
Addison Smith – An Itemized List of Charitable Contributions
B. Zelkovich – Lifelike
Elizabeth Broadbent – A Map Like Constellations
Matt Krizan – Swallowed by Darkness
Dawn Vogel – Patience
David J. Thirteen – My Foolish Heart
Rick Danforth – Strawberries in Spring
Robert Bagnall – The Naming of HMS Ark Royal
Amanda Pica – After They’d Gone
Joshua Grasso – Feeding the Dark
Maura Yzmore – Barry
Jason Burnham – Just Ask Clio
Nick Wisseman – You Are What You Mage
Taylor Rae – Run with the Hunted
Eric Fomley – Intervention
Helena Pantsis – Artificial Autonomy
Daniel Lidman – Ship Astray
Andrew Kozma – The Tower of Seed and Promise
Bridget Haug – Unbounded
Jessica Wilcox – Hephaestus Clockwork
AR Turner – Drift
MM Schreier – A Mathematical Betrayal
Jason P. Burnham – Today’s Daytime Tasks
Jon Lasser – Pictures from a Hotel Room on Fire
Jacey Bedford – Mort’s Laws
Kai Delmas – A World of Broken Things
Tiffani Angus – If Wishes Were Horses
Eric Fomley – Download Day
Thomas Griffin – Pickup Artist
Judy Darley – Milk Tooth
Dylan Kwok – Vicky Cooper
Joachim Heijndermans – Please Remain Calm
Karl Dandenell – Five Things You Should Know Before Summoning a Demon
Lyndsey Croal – Nuckelavee Winter
Julie Pitzel – The Breach
Marissa James – Bite Back
Brett Abrahamsen – The Fermi Paradox
Katie jordan – When Time Runs Out
Eric Fomley – Fragmented
Tara Campbell – Ghost Wolf
Emmie Christie – Craving for Another Summer
Maura Yzmore – Custom Welding
Robert Stahl – The Trouble with Goblins
Ash Jones – New Year’s Dawn
Liam Hogan – Beginnings
Emma Lewin – Carbon Dating
David Zweifler – I Like to be Hit
Francesca Lembregts – A Line on the Map
Tom Duke – The Season of my Becoming
Brick Marlin – The Rep
Charlotte Langtree – That Was Unexpected
Bridget Haug – Butterflies
Mike Murphy – Joey Salami’s Halloween
Jason Lane – Captain, Please Respond
Karl Dandenell – Final Exam, Demonology
Marge Simon – Pilgrims
Claire McNerny – Slowing Down
MM Schreier – City of Lights
Trey Dowell – Head Games
Chrissie Rohrman – The Long Way Home
J.D. Harlock – Sariya Grants a Wish
G. Ekman – Willow
Maura Yzmore – Among the Monsters
Sam Winner – Friday the 13th
Alyson Tait – A Little Monster
Brian Maycock – Curfew
Lynne Lumsden-Green – The Wager
Eric Fomley – Clone Care
Natalie Burrows – Within These Walls
Tim McDaniel – Black Friday
Liam Hogan – The Dragon Hunter
James Cato – It’s Free to Laugh
Aeryn Rudel – Rhymes With Dead
John Adams – Even Bad Guys Have Good Days in Excelsior City
Holly Schofield – Special Delivery
Danielle C. Chen – Excurmania
Eilidh Spence – Cameo
Cathleen Davies – Frankie Says Relax
Marc Ruvolo – Posthensile
Andrew Kozma – The One with the Red Door
Carys Crossen – Blood Wolf Moon
Aeryn Rudel – News from Home
Ian C Douglas – The Instant Karma Vending Machine
Craig Aitchison – Hearken
Adria Bailton – Submerged
Fija Callaghan – Last Wish
Melion Traverse – Salt and Moonlight
David J. Rank – Walking Dog
Holly Barratt – Rabbit Ears in the Laundry
Holly Rae Garcia – A Werewolf’s Lament
MK Roney – Cornerstone
Malina Douglas – The Needlecraft Guide to Averting Doom
Tova Hope-Liel – Palingenesis
Sam Winner – The Silence of the Owl
Jennifer Loring – Burn
N.E. Rule – Eye Candy
Jane Saunders – looking Back
Eric Fomley – War Crimes
Sarah Gallego – The Final Voyage of Amos
David Rogers – What We Found on the Way to Alpha Centauri
Robert Bagnall – Felis Sarcasticus
Alexander Xavier Urpi – The Pit
Russell Hemmell – Bird Masks and Leather Butterflies
Ephiny Gale – Light and Sleek and Strong
Richard Wren – In My Image
Bob Johnston – Debt
Michelle Muenzler – Neither Sleeping, nor Alive, nor Dead
Cheryl Sonnier – Wolf Whistle
Marisca Pichette – The Tail
A. P. Howell – Purple Lizard Skin
Adam Knight – Parts
Avra Margariti – College Survival Tips for Girls and Wolves
Ian Robert Krueger – It Lives
Chrissie Rohrman – Small Packages
Abigail Celeste – The Bees
Jacey Bedford – The Loneliness of the Long Distance Panda
Dawn Vogel – The Dark Forest Takes
Vaughan Stanger – In Every Dream Home

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