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The Call of the Wyld!

Twelve grisly new tales of fur and fury in this brand new anthology of werewolf stories.

Werewolves at war! Werwolves in space! Werewolves on the prowl! Werewolves at your door!

Released on 14th Februarypreorder now. £3.99/7.99


Wyldblood Magazine # 1

Eleven stories, one interview, loads of book reviews and a bright, shiny cover. There’s frogs and dogs, doll’s houses and crows, soul eaters and graffiti artists, ice sculptures and coal miners, wizards and savants and a cyclist on a mission.

Fantasy, science fiction and a touch of darkness.

Out now £2.99/5.99

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The Island of Doctor Moreau and other unsettling tales

H.G Wells’ gothic horor classic of a mad scientist’s experiment gone wrong leaving an island populated with intelligent beasts slowly turning savage. Plus two bonus stories from the godfather of Science Fiction.



Classic Gothic

Eight classic gothic tales of the unsettling, supernatural and macabre. This anthology contains Edgar Allan Poe’s chilling The Fall of the House of UsherBram Stoker’s unsettling Dracula’s GuestRobert Louis Stevenson’s grotesque The Body SnatcherHenry James’ haunting The Turn of the Screw. WW Jacobs’ acclaimed The Monkey’s Paw,  H.P Lovecraft’s dark The Shunned HouseNathanial Hawthorne’ shocking Dr Heidegger’s Experiment and Edith Wharton’s ground-breaking The Eyes.



Queen of the Black Coast

Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian battles monsters, pirates and his own dark desires to win his freedom and destroy his enemies. Queen of the Black Coast also includes A Witch Shall Be Born, The People of the Black Circle and The Devil in Iron, Classic stories drenched in blood and intrigue.



The Hour of the Dragon

Robert E. Howard’s classic full length Conan story – sword and sorcery at its finest. Demons, dragons and dark wizards – what more could a barbarian warrior hero want?



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