Wyldblood Magazine will publish bi-monthly through 2021.

Single issues also available from and Non-UK customers should check postage rates – Amazon may be a cheaper option.

“completely unique and stunningly creative “ WSBC

“fun and entertaining stories” Out of This World

“there’s sure to be something to entice you” Thousand Monkeys

Wyldblood Magazine # 3

Eight brand new fantasy and science fiction stories.

A sprint for survival – a burning resentment – a way to survive – an imperfect match – a mind in turmoil – a forbidden love – a spirit released –  a digital triumph.

£2.99 digital / £5.99 print

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Wyldblood Magazine subscriptions

Six issues of cutting edge fantasy and science fiction from established and upcoming writers. Packed with stories, interviews and reviews. Available in print or digitally.

£15 digital / £35 print

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Wyldblood Magazine # 2

Eleven great fantasy and science fiction stories.

A stifling obligation—a genie’s duplicity—a stranded astronaut—an abandoned dinosaur— a house full of stifling memories—a god greening the South—a woman stuck in traffic hell—a brain stuffed with adverts—an android boy stuck in mid stride— a chance to live a new life in a new body—an ostrich feather in the Old West.


Wyldblood Magazine # 1

Fantasy, science fiction and a touch of darkness.

Eleven stories, one interview, loads of book reviews and a bright, shiny cover. We’ve got frogs and dogs, doll’s houses and crows, soul eaters and graffiti artists, ice sculptures and coal miners, wizards and savants and a cyclist on a mission. Fantasy, science fiction and a touch of darkness all in a tightly packed supersized 84 pages.

We’ve also got an interview with Tiffani Angus, whose debut novel Threading the Labyrinth has been shortlisted for a BSFA Best Novel award, and reviews of the latest from Jen Williams, Stephen Baxter, Alastair Reynolds and others.

We think it’s brilliant but if you want a second (and third) opinion there are great reviews of this issue here and here.


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