Runs Like Clockwork

An upcoming steampunk anthology from Wyldblood Press

Our submissions call has now closed.

We love steampunk – zeppelins and pith helmets, clockwork men and steam driven monstrosities. What if the world ran on steam? What if science took a radically different turn around the time of the Age of Empire and crinoline dresses? What if we could unearth new stories about legendary (and hitherto unknown) Victorian adventures? What if there was a new age of adventure – and it ran like clockwork?

What’s it all about? Check out Cherie Priest, Philip Reeve, Nisi Shawl, Stephen Baxter, Cassandra Clare, Jeanette Ng, Leisel Schwartz, Ian Tregiillis, Tim Powers, Jay Lake or countless others. There you’ll find sky pirates and outlaws, power-hungry empires and all things mechanical. We strongly recommend Ann Vandemeer’s steampunk anthology for more inspiration.

We had a fantastic response to our call for submissions. If you’ve submitted, you should have heard from us by now (email us if you haven’t). As a reminder, we’re paying £0.01p per word up to a maximum of £75. Runs Like Clockwork is scheduled for release on December 8th, 2021.

We’re all steam powered now – join the revolution!

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