The Island of Doctor Moreau

and Other Unsettling Tales

H.G, Wells’ timeless story of arrogance and monstrosity caused consternation when it was first released. Edward Prendick is stranded on a remote Pacific island with only a drunk and a disgraced scientist for company – and a whole, subhuman community of monsters spliced together from the bodies of exotic animals. Prendick must find a way through this madness and find his way back to civilisation – or die trying,

This gripping novel from science fiction pioneer H.G. Wells challenges readers with profound and unsettling questions: are there limits to our ambition? Do we dare meddle with life itself? And what (if anything) sets us apart from the animals?

This edition contains two bonus unsettling stories from ‘the realist of the fantastic’. The Door in the Wall crashes reality headlong into imagination, and A Dream of Armageddon sets out a grim future vision of dark portents and impossible choices.

The Island of Doctor Moreau and Other Unsettling Tales

H.G.Well’s timeless tale of monsters, madness and obsession. Can we raise the beasts in our own image or will their savage natures prevail? Classic horror-tinged gothic fantasy from the godfather of science fiction. Contains bonus stories. Free UK delivery.


Also available as an e-book from and as an e-book and paperback from – or get your local bookshop to place and order from their regular distributor – ISBN 978-1-8381529-2-5



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