The Queen of the Black Coast


Four classic Conan the Barbarian stories: The Queen of the Black Coast, A Witch Shall be Born, The Peole of the Black Circle and The Devil in Iron.

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Conan the Barbarian – carved by violence and tragedy to tame a savage land.

These four Conan stories take our favorite savage into new and dangerous territory. In The Queen of the Black Coast, he teams up with pirates alongside the exotic Queen herself, Belit, in what fans and experts alike agree is one of Robert E Howard’s very best Conan tales.

Ancient ruins, lost treasure and the She Devil of the Sea—The Queen of the Black Coast finds Conan in more trouble than ever.

This selection also includes the acclaimed A Witch Shall Be Born, a mighty clash between civilisation and savagery, bandits and princesses in The People of the Black Circle and demons and a sacred dagger in The Devil in Iron.

Classic stories drenched in blood and intrigue from the vivid imagination of Robert E. Howard.

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