Wyld Flash 29 – A Werewolf’s Lament

Wer’e building up to the launch of our werewolf anthology – The Call of the Wyld – with A Werewolf’s Lament by Holly Rae Garcia. Find it free here, and if that whets your appetite, you can preorder The Call of the Wyld here – it’s unchained on Wednesday February 17th (a full moon, obviously,Continue reading “Wyld Flash 29 – A Werewolf’s Lament”

Wyld Flash 27 – The Needlecraft Guide to Averting Doom

“In the underside of her skirt, she stitches the Midgard Serpent; Fenris the wolf. A draugar with three red stitches to show the blood dripping down his chin.” So you know where this story’s going! The Needlecraft Guide to Averting Doom by Malina Douglas is our 27th free flash story, available on the website rightContinue reading “Wyld Flash 27 – The Needlecraft Guide to Averting Doom”

Wyldblood Magazine is out now!

Brand new and full of the smell of fresh ink, Wyldblood Magazine #1 is out and ready to purchase in print or digitally. Eleven fantastic stories of science and the supernatural – ice princesses and intrigue, ghosts and wizards, aliens and artists, all in 84 tightly packed pages (plus a bright, shiny cover). All forContinue reading “Wyldblood Magazine is out now!”

Wyldblood Magazine #1 out Friday!

Wyldblood Magazine #1 is out on 15th January. Eleven stories, one interview, loads of book reviews and a bright, shiny cover. We’ve got frogs and dogs, doll’s houses and crows, soul eaters and graffiti artists, ice sculptures and coal miners, wizards and savants and a cyclist on a mission. Fantasy, science fiction and a touchContinue reading “Wyldblood Magazine #1 out Friday!”

Merry Christmas! Wyld Flash 22 – Looking Back

Happy holidays and festive greetings from Wyldblood. And today being a Friday, there’s free flash on our website. Jane Saunders’ Looking Back considers Christmas from a fresh angle. Whether you’re partying or locked down, whether you’re celebrating or just watching the latest episode of Star Trek: Discovery, have a great one.