Wyldblood 11


Ten new science fiction and fantasy stories. Clones and magic, betrayal and reinvention!

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Ten new science fiction and fantasy stories in the latest Wyldblood Magazine. We’ve got body swapping, disembodied hands, the irresistable (but deadly) lure of VR, magical transformations, fighting clones and space missions, plus a bit of fantasy betrayal, a powerful princess and a supernatural painting.

  • Bronze by Richard Strachan is a story of desperation and hard choices. A traveller rescues a young girl in a land of bandits and thieves.
  • Last Chance Lottery by Michael Teasdale shows escapees from a ruined Earth reflecting on what they’ve left behind.
  • Mirror Girl by Isabel Hinchliff asks in a world of clones, what happens to the originals?
  • The Price of Green by Jonathon Mast is a cautionary tale of loss and wonder where what we now take for granted comes at a cost – a very high cost. Is it a price worth paying?
  • No Rescuers for an Aging Princess by Jo Miles tells the story of a widowed princess who suddenly finds herself surplus to requirements, and what she chooses to do next – and the obstacles she must overcome in pursuit of her new destiny,
  • The Golden Idol of the Dreadful Palace in the Hollywood Hills by Chloe Smith is a rescue story in virtual reality with some delicious dark twists.
  • Noctes by Billy Stanton tell of a painting bringing dark horror to those under its mesmeric spell.
  • The Bearable Fragility of Ordinary Things by Elisabeth Ring shows a burst of chaos magic bringing new forms to ordinary people A young man made of glass must tread carefully and find his new purpose.
  • Untenanted by Cassandra O’Sullivan Sachar tells of an out of body experience with a terrifying twist.
  • Hannah’s Journey by Tom Jolly rounds off the collection with story about a disembodied hand finding it now has a life of its own – what choices will it make?


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