Wyldblood 1


The fabulous first issue of Wyldblood Magazine with eleven great new science fiction and fantasy stories.

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Cutting edge science fiction and fantasy from established and upcoming writers.

Eleven stories, one interview, loads of book reviews and a bright, shiny cover. There’s frogs and dogs, doll’s houses and crows, soul eaters and graffiti artists, ice sculptures and coal miners, wizards and savants and a cyclist on a mission. Fantasy, science fiction and a touch of darkness. Plus an interview with Tiffani Angus, whose BSFA Award shortlisted novel Threading the Labyrinth is attracting a great deal of interest, and reviews of the latest from Jen Williams, Stephen Baxter, Alastair Reynolds and others. All in a tightly packed supersized 88 pages.

Readers of the first issue thought “Each piece was completely unique and stunningly creative,” and “this is certainly something that all fans of SFF and speculative fiction should be reading.”

ISBN 978-1-8381529-8-7


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