Wyldblood 14


Nine new stories and two bonus drabbles in the latest science fiction and fantasy magazine from Wyldblood.

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A brand new collection of science fiction and fantasy stories from Wyldblood Press.

We kick off with Liam Hogan’s Vanishing Village, a weird and unsettling supernatural tale. The moral of the story? Beware locals offering gifts of food and drink in a crowded pub at the middle of a mysterious semi-abandoned village in the middle of nowhere. Also beware selkies bent on revenge – and see how Elisabeth Kauffman tackles that sea-sodden subject in Foundering Fate. Next up we have Egyptian writer Amal El Sayed with thoughtful and hard-hitting fantasy tale of ancient conflict: Unmask Me won’t be a story you’ll quickly forget. We get lighter then – Steve Burford’s Knock Knock takes us in to the mind of a newly sentient AI with a sense of humour. Tee Linden’s Metamorphosis takes us back into darker territory – a fantasy tale of forest whisperings and discovery. Speaking of forests, we also have Dawn Vogel’s Family Tree and Elana Gomel’s Forests of Day and Night so there’s definitely a theme emerging – both thoughtful fantasies from regular Wyldblood contributors. Suspended Sentence by Maureen Bowden is all about trying to escape your fate, and, lastly Gardens, Ghosts and War by H.L. Fullerton continues the nature theme, but this time there’s a mysterious sword and a kid who can see dead people. No, not that story. Definitely no Bruce Willis.

Add a couple of drabbles and our regular review and views columns and that’s Wyldblood 14.

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