Wyldblood 2


The second issue of Wyldblood Press’ science fiction and fantasy magazine – Wyldblood‘s eleven stories range from high fantasy to deep and gritty sci-fi.

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In this issue: a stifling obligation—a genie’s duplicity—a stranded astronaut—an abandoned dinosaur— a house full of stifling memories—a god greening the South—a woman stuck in traffic hell—a brain stuffed with adverts—an android boy stuck in mid stride— a chance to live a new life in a new body—an ostrich feather in the Old West.  And the reviews: a species at war —a witch’s brain—a runaway train. A galaxy in turmoil—a timeline unravelling—a renegade intelligence— a disaster unfolds.

  • In The Lamplighter’s Daughter obligation brings safety but freedom courts disaster – which will she choose? In Last Wish the first two bring you trouble – can your third wish bring salvation? Survival and sacrifice cloud The Last Woman on Mars – can she beat the odds? She’ll have to fight the last man on Mars first.
  • Little Buddy takes a dinosaur to highlight real humanity, and Dust and Memories explores how we cling on to the past – and how to let go.
  • Plant Man tells the story of a guy in a beat up white van greening the Deep South. He’s not all he seems, though – watch out for those sharp pointy little horns. And Interview with Sole Refugee from the A303 Incident crawls over the traffic snarlup from hell, possibly literally.
  • Imagine a future where ads run in your brain, 24/7. And the only way to avoid them is to embrace them? No One Goes Lonely explores the future in your head – and how to remove it. Malfunctioning androids in They Don’t Make Them Like They Used To, disasterous body-swapping in Ask Me About the Old Quarry and a weird wild west Ostrich tale, Plumes, round off the stories

Readers of the first issue thought “Each piece was completely unique and stunningly creative,” and “this is certainly something that all fans of SFF and speculative fiction should be reading.”

ISBN 978-1-914417-00-9

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