Wyldblood 3


Eight thoughtful and imaginitive science fiction and fantasy stories in this new collection from Wyldblood Press, featuring harassed witches, emotional androids, super-bright spiders and much more.

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Eight fantabulous science fiction and fantasy stories:

  • In Run, Heloisa by David McGillveray, a young woman must run through the favela dodging drones, dogs and deadly bullets or die. Will she make it? Her enemies had better hope not!
  • Melissa Bobe’s Witchfire is a sorry tale of suspicion, survival and revenge. Despite what the villagers think she’s a witch, and she’s harmless. Or is she?
  • Uncannily Eleanore, by Michael Teasdale, tells of loss, love and sacrifice in the aching loneliness of a new colony world.
  • For those who have ever blind dated, Not if he was the Last Man on Earth by Nicole Tanquary is a sobering tale of hope tempered with reality. Should she swallow her pride or stick to her principles? And then what?
  • Lightly Went a Spider by Andrew Reichard is a story about tragedy, madness and, ultimately, acceptance on a deep space. Or maybe it’s about an infestation of giant alien spiders. Either way, it’ll make you think.
  • Sometimes you wait a long time for your prince, er, king to come. And then you have to wait again, and again. Good things come to those who wait in Marion Pitman’s Ask Not.
  • Do mountains have souls? And do they feel the pain of all who lose tier lives on their harsh, unforgiving slopes? Fixed Line by Denali Stannard takes the questions all the way to the summit.
  • Obsessed with likes, follows and a trending online presence? Want to make it to the next level? Elevated, by Max Sheridan, scores highly – check it out, and if you like it, you know what to do.

ISBN 978-1-914417-0203

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