Wyldblood 4


Fine fantasy and stunning science fiction in this latest Wyldblood collection.

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The fourth issue of Wyldblood Magazine – once more packed with great stories to delight, chill and inspire. We’ve got Mark Rigney’s Taming Dash Nine, with its unlikely alliance of freedom fighters and security robot nightmares, Carol Gore’s Extraordinary Lessons for Startling Success, a chilling tale of ruthless remorselessness, and Naomi Vondell’s The Road to Shambala, where the planet of the spiders puts us firmly in our place.

Natalie Dale’s Snakeflower is a satisfying tale of sweet smelling revenge on a colony world where protectors turn oppressor, Alexandra Grunberg’s To the New Year takes us to the end of the world, and Tova Hope Liel, Girl’s Best Friend asks: is the monster under the bed real? And if it is, does it bite?

Matias Travieso-Diaz’s The Portal is a cautionary tale of demons summoned, pacts made and consequences suffered. Shawn Kobb’s Two by Two shows coexisting with aliens might not be straightforward and, finally,. David Dixon’s Seventy Miles from Phoenix ladles death and destruction in the Arizona desert.

ISBN 978-1-914417-03-0

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