A new home for great writing

We’re at the start of something exciting: a new imprint, and an opportunity to launch some fantastic writing into the world. We’re all authors in the Wildblood team, so we know what it takes to get published. Only the best will do, and nothing is easy, but the rewards, for writers and readers, can be immense.

Bear with us while we build up our catalogue. We’re starting small, because there’s no point in overpromising and underdelivering, but over time you’ll see a solid roster of books and magazines. It’s going to be a wild ride – come with us.

A quick note on spellings. We’re UK based but publish to the world. And we’re well aware that there are subtle variations in spellings, punctuation and grammar between, say, the UK and the US. We’ll be publishing in the language variation favoured by the author and we’re not precious about oddities like the ‘necessary comma’ (which in UK English plainly isn’t).

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