The Island of Doctor Moreau

We’re launching our second Wyldblood Classic today – The Island of Doctor Moreau and Other Unsettling Tales – H.G.Well’s timeless tale of monsters, madness and obsession. Can we raise the beasts in our own image or will their savage natures prevail? Classic horror-tinged gothic fantasy from the godfather of science fiction, with two bonus stories:┬áTheContinue reading “The Island of Doctor Moreau”

Autumn and everything after

Things are quiet at Wyldblood HQ today with only the sound of the rain and falling leaves to disturb us. Which gives us space to scheme and plot and plan. We’ve got new Flash coming up on Friday, but in the meantime there’s still Michelle Muenzler’s unsettling Neither Sleeping, Nor Alive, Nor Dead to enjoy.Continue reading “Autumn and everything after”

We’ve made our choices!

We’ve spent an agonising weekend deciding which stories will appear in the first Wyldblood Magazine – and we’ve made our choices! We haven’t broken the news to the authors yet (or to the people we’ve shortlisted but had to sadly decline) but that’s coming – and soon! We’re still open for werewolves and flash butContinue reading “We’ve made our choices!”

not just science fiction and fantasy

Sunday is review day here at Wyldblood, where we sweat over the stories we’ll be accepting (and anguish over some of the excellent ones we’re going to have to turn away). We’ve been looking at flash fiction today, and it struck me that some of our favourites barely creep into the ‘speculative fiction’ category atContinue reading “not just science fiction and fantasy”

email update

From now on please send everything to Our previous email (admin@…) is officially defunct. If you’ve submitted anything in the last couple of days please resend. Hopefully everything will now run smoothly (fat chance). Since I’m unexpectedly posting today I’m going to plug our latest Wyld Flash – Parts – still propping up ourContinue reading “email update”