2 million and counting

It’s hard to believe we’re still less than a month old. Since then we’ve received over two million (yes million) words of stories submitted and even printed some – with Abigail Celeste’s excellent The Bees to follow this Friday. And we’re still cranking up. We’ll have a formal newsletter up and running in the next week or so (until then subscribers will get our post feed) and wer’re putting together our inaugural book schedule.

Our first books will likely be classic reprints, because it will take us a while to properly work with the many excellent submissons of new work we’ve already had (and I’m sure we’ll get more – there are some mightly fine writers out there). As well as a few single-story titles we’re working on a clutch of carefully curated short story collections which we’re aiming to get out before Christmas.

Once we get in our stride with the books we’ll need some Advance Readers, who will get free electronic copies of our books in advance of publication – a bit like a movie test screening. As well as much needed pre-publication feedback, it would obviously be nice for us if readers could review our books – but there’s no obligation to do that. We’re probably a month or two off needing Advance Readers but if you’re interested, please let me know at admin@wyldblood.com

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