Thank you, writers

Thank you for the million-plus words of short stories you’ve sent us since we launched in late July. That’s astounding, and I’m pleased to say we’ve unovered some real gems that I can’t wait to share with you.

Although we’re now closed for short story submissions, we’re still open for flash fiction, despite Duotrope saying we’re not, so please continue to send us your best – though I wouldn’t hang around since we’re getting full with that as well.

Apart from novels, we’ve replied to anyone who’s submitted a story to us before 28th August, though we had some issues with the email server we were using for replies in the early days (now fixed) and I know some responses were ending up in people’s spam filters. As Duotrope is listing us as ‘non-responders’ in a small but worrying percentage of cases, can you let us know if you submitted a short story or piece of flash fiction before the end of August and haven’t heard from us yet?

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