we’re happy/sad

In classic creative juxtaposition we’re both happy and sad today. Happy because we’ve just sent out all our acceptance letters for the first batch of Wyldblood Magazine stories and sad because we’ve just sent out the last of the rejection letters too – and the latest batch were this close…

If you haven’t heard from us yet about your short story please get in touch – things have got lost in the (e)post in the past. And to everyone who contributed this time – thank you. The response has been amazing and we’ve seen hundreds of sharp, witty, thoughtful, exciting and just plain excellent stories!

We’ll prize open the submission doors again in December (14th) but until then we’ll still be open for flash fiction and (for a week or so) werewolf anthology stories.

Wolf, Predator, Animal, Fleichfresser, Winter

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    1. sadly not (I’ve just resent our email) – but we loved that story (if only I had more space…). Come to think of it, Pest Control and a few other similarly themed stories I’ve seen might make an excellent anthology collection…

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