Wyldblood Magazine Issue 5 is out now!

We’ve just launched Wyldblood Magazine #5 on Amazon and on the website, available in print and in all electronic formats. What’s in it? Stories, lots of stories, about ghosts, dragons and cunningly evil computers.

Here’s the run-down:

Nine outstanding new science fiction and fantasy stories:

A Stranger, Passing Through, by Holly Barratt.

A woman, stranded in Italy, watches as her very existence unravels and she is forced to come to terms with some inconvenient truths. And hiccupping is the least of her worries.

The Gun that Killed Certainty James (and Other Collectable Oddities) by D.K. Latta.

Time travel at its twistiest, with a now you see them, now you don’t story featuring an antique gun, a mystery neighbour and a scary guy with a yellow coat and a big black car.

The Ping, by David Matthews.

Ever feel like the internet knows more about you, and what you might do in the future, that you do? Certainly more than your partner does, in this dark tech tale about the seemingly arbitrary decision making power of faceless computers – and the chilling effect that can have on real life.

Marked by a Dragon’s Love, by Sam Muller.

Dragon’s are evil, right? That’s what young Pegala’s always been told, and now the villagers are out for dragon blood. The dragon’s old, though, and not been paying attention to the ways of humans. But she’s not finished yet…

NutriMom by Mark Silcox.

When young Emil discovers a mysterious grey box he finds the mother he never had – Nutri-Mom! She’s just a face on a screen but she’s just the guide young Emil needs. Trouble is, she wants him to do such strange things…

Luxury Underground, by Francis Walsh.

A post-apocalypse dance floor in an underground bunker with two unhappy people contemplating a commitment that will change things irrevocably. But you’ve got to survive, yes?

The Bee Tailor, by Davin Hall.

The Lord’s going hunting and wants the most exquisite clothes he can lay his pampered, indulged hands on. But the bee tailor’s artistry comes at a price – and when the bees start to argue with him, he has some hard choices to make.

Thought Surgery, by Richard Webb.

What if you could think yourself handsome? Would it change your life? And how far would you go? Be careful not to fly too close to the sun.

The Coffee Shop Crowd, by J.L. Royce.

Jada just wanted a latte and some peace and quiet but the guy who insisted on sitting next to her had other ideas. Soon she’s looking at videos with her new friend Chas, searching for faces, searching for names. And then, impossibly, she sees herself in a place she’s never been, and her whole world changes…

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