Wyld Flash 65 – Captain, Please Respond

New flash fiction on the website – Captain, Please Respond by Jason Lane. You just know things aren’t going to end well…

Here’s a peek:

//Captain. My sensors register that you set the chronometer incorrectly. I am sure it was a simple mistake. Shall I correct it for you? Very good, Captain.

//Captain. I have noticed you have been making some errors in the navigation lately, and that your sleep schedule has been erratic. I doubt you would have noticed, Captain. My cameras have been observing you since the Axion launched and the colonists entered cryostasis. Have you consulted crewmember Riggs? She is the medical officer. She will surely have some medication. Of course, Captain. I will return to my duties.

//Captain. The Axion requires its two human crew to be in healthy condition until landing. Please consult with crewmember Riggs. She is responsible for both your health and that of the colonists in cryostasis. No, Captain. I cannot say why crewmember Riggs rejected pursuing a relationship with you. You would need to speak to her. She is in her quarters. You are welcome, Captain. //Captain. I have been unable to reach crewmember Riggs…

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