Free fiction: The Trouble with Goblins

Today’s free flash fiction is the Trouble with Goblins, by Robert Stahl. Some, er, ‘adult’ references in this one, so be warned.

Here’s how it opens:

“What should we do with the body?” the goblin Sulphur said, releasing her hold on the victim’s neck. She was panting with excitement from the kill, her scaly chest heaving, fresh blood congealing under her long, jagged nails. The man in the scarlet cloak flopped to the stone floor with a sickening whump.

The last few minutes had been quite confusing. One moment she and her sisters had locked away in their limbo-like prison, where they’d spent the last thousand years thanks to an evil witch. The next, they’d found themselves whisked away through a portal to this cold room in what appeared to be a castle. Even though their banishment was now at an end, Sulphur couldn’t help herself. Her murderous instincts took over when she stepped out of the portal and saw the man in the scarlet cloak. The attack was swift, brutal, and thorough. Now, the choked man stared out blankly at the ceiling. Whatever he seemed to be looking at, it wasn’t anything on this plane of existence. click here for more

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