Free fiction – Craving for Another Summer

Wev’e posted another free flash fiction story on the website today – Craving for Another Summer by Emmie Christie is a bittersweet fantasy story abouut letting go – and trying not to.

Here’s the opening:

The lemon of the kiss loitered on Seena’s lips so long that she thought of dangerous things. Maybe she could stay a little past the first yellow leaf, before the dew even iced over. Just a few more days. The Craving had not yet taken hold: the people of this neighborhood had not bought more than fifteen pumpkin spice lattes, and no one had changed out their lawn ornaments to spiders and ghosts.

Kero shook his head. His lemon and sugar mouth pressed in worry, and he leaned against his tree. “The Craving,” he said. “It will chase you into the ground. I can’t have that, Seena. I need to know that I will see you again.”

For more click here.

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