flash fiction – open for submissions

We’ve quietly reopened for flash fiction submissions (and now we’re shouting about it). Every week we publish a new story for free on the website (like our latest – Eric Fomley’s Download Day), which means we need a lot of stories! And because we’ve barely been open for submissions at all this year we’ve let the stack of upcoming flash stories get a little thin.

Longtime readers will know that we’ve featured some pretty amazing stories over the last couple of years and we know just how talented you all are – time for some more! We’re capping this submissions call at 1,000 words, but we’re keeping it open until the stack is looking healthily tall. We want science fiction and fantasy (though we’ve also been known to buy horror from time to time) and we tend to go for serious-ish thoughtful pieces in a conventional narrative style (though the odd funny list-based story like Karl Dandenell’s Five Things You Should Know before Summoning a Demon sneaks in occasionally). No hard and fast rules – good stories will always resonate with us. Follow our guidelines, though – we’re getting increasingly cranky about formatting (Standard Manuscript Format – nothing fancy).

We only want flash fiction at the moment so please don’t send us anything else – Wyldblood Magazine is filling up into next year now and we’ve a lot of promising looking novel submissions staring balefully at us (big pile of submissions + only 24 hours in a day = please don’t send any more just yet). We pay 1 pence (GB) per word – that’s about 1.3 cents US. Send us your best to contact@wyldblood.com


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