Friday Fiction – The Tower of Seed and Promise

New free fiction today is Andrew Kozma’s The Tower of Seed and Promise with an edgy interface between reality and magic. Never judge a house by its decaying brick walls. Come on, you know you want to open that dilapidated front door…

Click here to read The Tower of Seed and Promise

We’re also still featuring the previous two Wyld Flash stories on the website: Bridget Haug’s Unbounded, full of spooky goings-on at the lake, and Jessica Wilcox’s Hephaestus Clockwork, a story where where the solution becomes the problem. Plus all our past flash stories are still available if you rummage around our website’s stories page.

If that still leaves you hungry for more stories we’ve got ten longer ones in the current Wyldblood Magazine (#9) (available from Amazon or from us here – print or digital).

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