Call of the Wyld


Twelve unforgettable stories of the moonlit night where monsters prowl and blood runs thick and crimson. Werewolves at war! Werewolves in space! Werewolves on the prowl! Werewolves at your door!

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Twelve grisly new tales of fur and fury in this brand new anthology of werewolf stories. Liam Hogan’s The Mortsafe, full of gothic darkness, Holly Rae Garcia’s Werewolf’s Lament (because werewolves have feelings too), Chris Muscato’s Howling on the Moon. Werewolves in space – and right in the place where it all happens for them. Full moon all the time – kill or cure, right? Then M.T Johnson’s Ivanwolf tells a very human story of some decidedly inhuman happenings.Holly Barratt’s Rabbit Ears in the Laundry helps us face up to some of the more troublesome consequences of living with a werewolf, but the mood swiftly darkens with the tense suspense of Eric Nash’s unsettling Rewilding. Laura Garrity’s The Lodger explores what happens when the new guy in the spare bedroom suddenly has more fur than a landlady has a right to expect, followed by a tale of doomed love – The Wolf is Always at Your Door by E.J Sidle, and C. H. Knyght’s To Prey which (spoiler) is nothing to do with going to church. Then a pause with the quirky Walking Dog by David J Rank before settling into a fine lupine love story – Adam Stemple’s Werewolf Eulogy. Then full circle with the Big L – like the opener the Mortsafe, this is a story of how to tame the curse, but with a very different outcome.

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