The Best of Wyldblood Volume 1


A 200 page fantasy & science fiction anthology of stories from Wyldblood Magazine’s first 8 issues, full of dragons, demons, time travellers and killer robots.

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A fantasy and science fiction anthology with a selection of fine stories from the first eight issues of Wyldblood Magazine, as well as some of our favourite flash fiction all packed into 200 pages full of dragons, demons, time travellers, ghosts, relentless trucks, magical tattoos, dark alchemy and killer robots.

Every three months, our anthology magazine showcases around ten new science fiction and fantasy stories. We’ve given you magicians and monsters, astronauts and aliens and much more: one thing you can safely say about our writers is that they’re imaginative. Talented, too.

These are some of our favourites from the hundreds of stories we’ve published so far in our magazine and in our weekly Wyld Flash slot on our website. There are many more great stories we could have chosen, but they’re all still available – our flash fiction is free to read online at And past issues of Wyldblood are also still available through the website, through Amazon or (by order) from bookstores.

We’ve got wide tastes, but we have got a house style – Wyldblood is the place for thoughtful, solidly written character-based stories, and we’ve got plenty in this collection, starting with Holley Cornetto’s Coal Dust and Shadows, the very first story from our very first issue, all about love, loss and ghosts. Further in, we’ve got an ice princess and a dragon army, a reluctant village guardian who dreams of escape, a haunted mountain crying with the souls of lost travellers, cautionary tales about handling demons, the dangers and delights of clever androids, spectral echoes of the past, magical solutions to armageddon and a musician pulled from the past trying to find his way in a world he barely comprehends.

This collection features speculative fiction from Holley Cornetto, JL George, Anne Karppenen, Denali Stannard, Mark Rigney, David Dixon, Holly Barrett, Wayne Faust, Adam Breckenridge, James Rowland, Celene Low, Brianna Suazo, Cheryl Sonnier, Kai Delmas and Karl Dandenell.

Print ISBN: 978-1-914417-12-2

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