From the Depths


Fifteen brand new stories of the watery depths featuring sea monsters, selkies, pirates, mermaids and more.

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Fifteen brand new stories of the watery depths. Barnacles and bilge rats – we’re full of them. Mermaids, sea creatures, monsters from the deep, pirates who ought to know better doing things that ought to be impossible. Selkies. Things with piercing eyes and tentacles – they’re all here. Deep down below, where the pressure would crush you in an instant and the dark is midnight black forever, life teems in abundance. Who’s to say it’s not intelligent? Who’s to say it’s not curious? Who’s to say we won’t see it one day wrapped around a ocean vessel or singing to us from sun kissed waves? We’re proud to present these fine stories with a satisfyingly salty tinge and we hope you enjoy them.

Stories by:

N.V. Haskell, Geraldine B. Hunt, D.K. Latta, E.M. Anderson, Hesper Leveret, Brian Maycock, Jennifer Jeanne McArdle, Morgan Melhuish, Helena O’Connor, K.G Anderson, Elin Olausson, J.L. Royce, Lynne Sargent, Chloe Smith and Michelle Tang.

A Wyldblood Press fantasy anthology.

Print ISBN – 978-1-914417-15-3

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