You’re all awesome

So we’ve been live for just under a week now and your response has been magnificent. We put the call out for stories last Thursday and are now listed on Duotrope and Ralan (thanks for the quick turnaround, guys). And we’ve had submissions – boy, have we had submissions.

The received wisdom about submissions is that we’d be knee deep in spelling mistakes and plot holes, with maybe only 20% or so warranting serious consideration. And because it’s a major feat to actually get published at all, given that everyone who reads genre fiction seems to want to write it as well and there are only so many slots, we were anticipating the majority of submitters would have no significant writing credits to date.

Oh how wrong we were, It’s still early days, of course, and things may change but some things are delightfully clear:

  • the quality of our submissions is extremely high;
  • wer’e getting a lot of them;
  • the vast majority of people have been published before – and then some;
  • most people seem to have read what we’re looking for and responded appropriately;
  • reading these stories is a pleasure and a privilige.

So thank you, all you talented writers out there – and keep it up.


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