Wyld Flash

Turns out there are a lot of Flash Fridays out there. It figures – the phrase is nicely alliterative. I probably wouldn’t have known if someone hadn’t listed Harbinger Press‘ Flash Fiction Fridays on their list of credits. So I Googled. As you do. And found Friday Flash Fiction – very nice. But my favourite is the now sadly on hiatus Flash! Friday which has over 100 excellent stories permanently on display on their site which, if my maths is working, will take us a good two years to replicate, though I’m very happy to share the link to them here.

And since it is Friday after all we, too, have a new story up. We’re going to be Wyld Flash from now on (and still with a new story every Friday), just because we like to stand out. Here’s the link to today’s story, Dawn Vogel’s excellent The Dark Forest Takes. Hope you like it as much as we did.

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