I’m slowly melting. One of the quaint things about the UK is that we don’t do aircon (before global warming we only needed it once every decade or so) and all those metal boxes would look a bit funny on the walls of our cute Georgian villas, so we sweat and mutter about how unbearable it all is as though all that ‘foreign’ weather creeping in means we’ve uncovered even more evidence about the End of Empire (which we’re in denial about). So here am I typing away in 28 degree heat (84f) waiting for the needle to rise to 33 (91) again, like it did yesterday, and the day before, with only the Saharan breeze to keep me from fainting. We Brits do moan a lot about the weather, though. Too hot, too cold, too windy, not quite British enough (I know we’re lightweights. I know plenty of you are from properly hot places. But I’m still considering moving to Norway). Anyone got any tips about how to write in a heatwave?

Still, we’ve got submissions to get through, which should take my mind off my melting fingers. And what a lot there are, from (very encouragingly) all over the place. The quality’s been really high, too, and we’ve already spotted some great stories for our magazine launch in January. If you’re planning to write for us, can you let us know how you found out about Wyldblood? We’re listed in a lot of places now and we’ve just had a surge in submisisons coming from a place we’d definitely not approached (though we’re happy they’ve featured us) – it would be good to know what works.

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