New Flash Fiction – The Rep

The Rep by Brick Marlin – new and free on the website today, Sometimes, you’d better just hope that your face fits…

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Here are the opening lines:

Each Face represents; thus, representation is necessary.

This was her job. Being the representative or, for short—the Rep. And she was pretty darn good at it, if she said so herself. Preparing each Face for their journey meant she played the part of teacher, provider, and a single mother who tried their very best to raise her children.

The job wasn’t exactly hard—wasn’t the easiest thing on the planet either—but it was something. Something the Rep had been doing for decades, taught the ways by the Rep before her. The Gods send a Face, the Rep prepares the representation.

Sometimes she felt like a professional and, in a way, she was. She knew expressions like the back of her hand. Or the side of a cheek. Expressions was the key to raise a Face. If a Face did not learn to have the correct expression, well, the Rep would fail at her job.

The lineup of her Faces went as follows: the one that smiled; the one that laughed; the one that giggled, blew raspberries, and cooed at the world in wonder and intrigue; the one that frowned; the one that was always surprised, bright as a kid on St. Nick’s Day in December; and the one that was always sad, more times than it should, would burst in tears.

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