The latest Wyldblood Magazine is out today!

Wyldblood #6 is out now! Ten great science fiction and fantasy stories about asteroid spaceships, magic and monsters, time travel and shattered dreams. From Amazon or from us, print and digital

We’ve got Vanishing Ink, by Adam Breckenridge:

Sometimes I just want to rip the curtains open and let all the devils scratching at the glass outside gaze upon me, let their weird eyes do what they will.  But most days my curiosity never goes beyond the cautious peeks I steal through the edges of the curtains, at claws and black bits of flesh that press against the glass, leaving not so much as a crack for the empty depths behind them to darken through.  I do this daily, though I dread the sight of them, dread the occasions that I spot a face sneering at me, which is enough to leave me so shaken that I find myself huddling for hours in the center of the room.  Their faces are a terror to behold, so vicious and empty at the same time, like a well of poisoned air.… (buy the rest here)

Then there’s The Great Hunt by Timothy Friend:

If not for the money she owed the Tcharsov brothers, and their threat of a one-way trip to the bottom of the harbor if payment was further delayed, Moth wouldn’t have agreed to the meet at all. Now that she was here, she was wondering if drowning might not be more pleasant…(buy the rest here)

And there’s A Hundred Years of Botled Sunshine, by Matt Webb:

The way I saw things now, I had two choices left. Choice number one- remain calm and dignified. Or choice two- stab him in the face. The first option would grant me a touch more time to make an impression and hopefully a good one, too. The second option; well, that would make an impression too.…(buy the rest here)

Plus unnerving and upliftling stories about loss and repression, fightbacks and timeless blues riffs from Sarah Dropek, Wayne Faust, Frances Koziar, Caroline Reid, Aeryn Rudel, Michael Teasdale and LG Thomson.

Buy from us for £2.99/$3.99 in digital format or in print for £5.99 (UK) and £5.99 plus shipping worldwide

Or buy from Amazon (US), Amazon (UK) or worldwide.

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