The latest Wyldblood Magazine

Wyldblood 11 is available now from us or from Amazon
print (£7) or digital (£4).

Ten new science fiction and fantasy stories:

  • Bronze by Richard Strachan is a story of desperation and hard choices. A traveller rescues a young girl in a land of bandits and thieves.
  • Last Chance Lottery by Michael Teasdale shows escapees from a ruined Earth reflecting on what they’ve left behind.
  • Mirror Girl by Isabel Hinchliff asks in a world of clones, what happens to the originals?
  • The Price of Green by Jonathon Mast is a cautionary tale of loss and wonder where what we now take for granted comes at a cost – a very high cost. Is it a price worth paying?
  • No Rescuers for an Aging Princess by Jo Miles tells the story of a widowed princess who suddenly finds herself surplus to requirements, and what she chooses to do next – and the obstacles she must overcome in pursuit of her new destiny,
  • The Golden Idol of the Dreadful Palace in the Hollywood Hills by Chloe Smith is a rescue story in virtual reality with some delicious dark twists.
  • Noctes by Billy Stanton tell of a painting bringing dark horror to those under its mesmeric spell.
  • The Bearable Fragility of Ordinary Things by Elisabeth Ring shows a burst of chaos magic bringing new forms to ordinary people A young man made of glass must tread carefully and find his new purpose.
  • Untenanted by Cassandra O’Sullivan Sachar tells of an out of body experience with a terrifying twist.
  • Hannah’s Journey by Tom Jolly rounds off the collection with story about a disembodied hand falling into the clutches of thieves and finding it now has a life of its own – what choices will it make?

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