Wyld Flash 46 – Rhymes With Dead

I think we once said ‘no zombies’ when we asked for submissions. Well, the thing about zombies is that they get you in the end if you’re not careful. But if you don’t actually call them zombies, then maybe their bite won’t hurt, much. And maybe, just maybe, no-one will notice. You’ll shamble along, singingContinue reading “Wyld Flash 46 – Rhymes With Dead”

Wyldblood Magazine #3

Wer’e launching the third issue of our glossy, fantabulous, story-packed Wyldblood magazine today featuring races for survival. vengeful witches, love and loneliness in the stars, post apocalypic blind dates, space spiders, not quite dead kings, magic mountains and social media nightmares. All new, all science fiction and fantasy. Order now from Amazon or via ourContinue reading “Wyldblood Magazine #3”