New fiction – Kai Delmas

Today’s free fiction is Kai Delmas’ A World of Broken Things, an intense package of emotionally charged apocalyptic flash fiction. We love this one – and we know you will too. Click here to read the story. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter here. Follow us for update posts (once or twice a week) here.Continue reading “New fiction – Kai Delmas”

Free Fiction – Tiffani Angus

This week’s free fiction is If Wishes Were Horses by Tiffani Angus, which first appeared in Strange Horizons before she started getting shortlisted for major awards. It’s a tale of dark riders and tall stories – watch out! Available on the website now. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter here. Follow us for update postsContinue reading “Free Fiction – Tiffani Angus”

flash fiction – open for submissions

We’ve quietly reopened for flash fiction submissions (and now we’re shouting about it). Every week we publish a new story for free on the website (like our latest – Eric Fomley’s Download Day), which means we need a lot of stories! And because we’ve barely been open for submissions at all this year we’ve letContinue reading “flash fiction – open for submissions”

New flash – Eric Fomley’s Download Day

More from Wyldblood favourite Eric Fomley this week, free and live on the website. Download Day is an unsettling tale of clones and consequences. With screaming. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter here. Follow us for update posts (once or twice a week) here. Download a free sampler of Wyldblood Magazine here. Buy the latestContinue reading “New flash – Eric Fomley’s Download Day”

New Shiny Storefront

Our website’s been working a bit erratically this week as we’ve been making some changes – thanks for bearing with us. The main change is that we’ve now got a new shiny storefront with some dropped prices and (for a while) free US shipping (even on subscriptions). Check it out Subscribe to our monthlyContinue reading “New Shiny Storefront”

Free flash fiction – Milk Tooth by Judy Darley

Even more new fiction on our website today – and it’s free. Milk Tooth by Judy Darley, set in the deep dark Dordogne caves. Also this week sees the publication of our fabulous eighth issue of Wyldblood Magazine, full of stories of artificial intelligence, supernatural tattoos and super-twisty time travel. Order yours here: reading “Free flash fiction – Milk Tooth by Judy Darley”

Advance notice – three day submission call from April 1st.

We’re opening for submissions in all fiction categories – flash, shorts, novellas, novels – for three days only from April 1st. We’re also looking for art and have refreshed our guidance with rates etc. This is an open, unthemed call for stories for Wyldblood Magazine (in print and digital) and Wyld Flash (on the website)Continue reading “Advance notice – three day submission call from April 1st.”

Five things you should know before summoning a demon

More free fiction from us this week, now on the website. Karl Dandenell’s Five Things You Should Know Before Summoning a Demon has positively the longest title of any flash fiction we’ve published (though check out Dawn Vogel’s Twelve Essential Things Found in Commaner Scarlett Archer’s Spacesuit Pocket (and Some Which Were Not) in ourContinue reading “Five things you should know before summoning a demon”

Free Fiction: Nuckelavee Winter, by Lyndsey Croal

Free flash fiction today: Nuckelavee Winter, by Scottish writer Lyndsey Croal. It’s never too early for winter, and winter bites. Click here for the story. For longer reads we’ve got Wyldblood Magazine #7, full of spaceships and monsters and our Runs Like Clockwork anthology, packed with airships and steam driven contraptions.

New free fiction – Bite Back

“The day after the storm there were wings in the sugar bowl. Papery, pale brown, sticking to my fingers with a mix of saccharine stubbornness and electrostatic cling..”. Today’s free flash fiction is Bite Back, by Marissa James. This is the first of the stories we’ll be publishing from our recent one day snap submissionsContinue reading “New free fiction – Bite Back”

Stormy Stories – one day submissions call

We’re obsessing about the weather today (no change there then). And because we know plenty of you have good storm related stories to tell, we’d like to hear them. Fiction, up to 5,000 words (though we’d prefer flash-length stories). Happy to take reprints for this submissions call. Loose theme ‘After the Storm’ – submit toContinue reading “Stormy Stories – one day submissions call”

After the Storm – one day submissions call

Got a bit windy here yesterday, which fed the British obsession with the weather nicely. Compared to weather events around the world it was just a light breeze but it got us thinking. Storms and stories go together – so why not tell some? You’ve got 24 hours to send us some storm related shenanigans.Continue reading “After the Storm – one day submissions call”

Today’s flash fiction – When Time Runs Out

We’ve got see-in-the-future spookiness today as our free flash fiction offering – When Time Runs Out by Katie Jordan. Check it out here. For longer reads we’ve got Wyldblood Magazine #7, full of spaceships and monsters and our Runs Like Clockwork anthology, packed with airships and steam driven contraptions.

New flash fiction – Fragmented by Eric Fomley

We’ve got a new free story on the website today – Fragmented, by Eric Fomley is a makes-you-think science fiction story about those last sweet moments – and what comes after. Also with mountains. Read it here. Andif you’re hungry for more we have a new Steampunk anthology out this week – Runs Like ClockworkContinue reading “New flash fiction – Fragmented by Eric Fomley”

Runs like Clockwork – out now!

Our steampunk anthology, Runs like Clockwork, is out now! Thirteen sepia-tinged tales laced with adventure and the spirit of a Victoriana that never was, with mechanical men, supernatural stirrings and spacesuit surprises. The Reality Engine! The Kraken Heist! Mech-Mage! We even have airships, and there may be pirates… Click the buttons to buy from usContinue reading “Runs like Clockwork – out now!”

free fiction – Ghost Wolf, by Tara Campbell

This week’s free fiction is Tara Campbell’s Ghost Wolf. It’s one of our longer flash stories and like all the best, it makes you think with twists and turns and hidden depths. Read it here. The opening: When the wolf ambles down the hallway the first thing you think is how pale it is, almostContinue reading “free fiction – Ghost Wolf, by Tara Campbell”

Free fiction – Craving for Another Summer

Wev’e posted another free flash fiction story on the website today – Craving for Another Summer by Emmie Christie is a bittersweet fantasy story abouut letting go – and trying not to. Here’s the opening: The lemon of the kiss loitered on Seena’s lips so long that she thought of dangerous things. Maybe she couldContinue reading “Free fiction – Craving for Another Summer”

New Free Fiction – Custom Welding

We’ve got new flash fiction on the website today – Custom Welding, by Maura Yzmore. It’s a tale of artistry and horror – isn’t it funny those two often go together? Prepare to shiver… Here’s a snippet: “I need a true artist’s touch.” He looked me right in the eye. His irises were black, likeContinue reading “New Free Fiction – Custom Welding”

Free fiction: The Trouble with Goblins

Today’s free flash fiction is the Trouble with Goblins, by Robert Stahl. Some, er, ‘adult’ references in this one, so be warned. Here’s how it opens: “What should we do with the body?” the goblin Sulphur said, releasing her hold on the victim’s neck. She was panting with excitement from the kill, her scaly chestContinue reading “Free fiction: The Trouble with Goblins”

Free flash fiction: New Year’s Dawn

New Year’s Dawn from Ash Jones is our free flash fiction this week – on the website now: It’s our last Wyld Flash of the year and hopefully takes us into a year we can actually look forward to. Today is also our last day for submissions for a while, so if inspiration struckContinue reading “Free flash fiction: New Year’s Dawn”

Christmas Flash Fiction – Beginnings

We’ve gone all festive this week with Beginnings, by Liam Hogan – a short tale to warm your Christmas heart. We’re also reprinting Looking Back, by Jane Saunders, so you get two festive fantasies for the price of one (which is free, by the way). Click the links or visit the website. Merry Christmas!