Call of the Wyld – now in hardback!

Wev’e just released a new version of our howl-at-the-moon werewolf anthology – The Call of the Wyld – twelve torrid tales of lupine lycanthropy now with larger pages and a brand new cover, all designed for pride of place on your bookshelf. Buy the hardback exclusively though Amazon wherever you may be – the UK,Continue reading “Call of the Wyld – now in hardback!”

Wyld Flash 66 – Joey Salami’s Halloween

Something spooky this time around – because it’s that time of year. Joey Salami’s Halloween by Mike Murphy is our 66th free flash fiction story – live now on the website. Here’s a peek… True to their word, she was ugly. Her ancient veins puffed up and deflated as whatever passed for blood made its wayContinue reading “Wyld Flash 66 – Joey Salami’s Halloween”

Wyld Flash 65 – Captain, Please Respond

New flash fiction on the website – Captain, Please Respond by Jason Lane. You just know things aren’t going to end well… Here’s a peek: //Captain. My sensors register that you set the chronometer incorrectly. I am sure it was a simple mistake. Shall I correct it for you? Very good, Captain. //Captain. I haveContinue reading “Wyld Flash 65 – Captain, Please Respond”

Wyld Flash 64 – Final Exam, Demonology

We’ve got demons, oh yes, and they’re not happy. Karl Dandenell’s Final Exam, Demonology is live now on the website. Here the opening… “Do I have to dismiss the demon?” said Sugyen. The apprentice stared at the fearsome creature imprisoned within the circle of blood runes and flickering candles. “It feels cruel, dragging the poorContinue reading “Wyld Flash 64 – Final Exam, Demonology”

Steampunk anthology update

Weve been gathering stories for a Steampunk Anthology: Runs Like Clockwork. We’ve got thirteen fantastic stories for you in a bumper collection. We had hoped to publish in November – but we’re going to need more time than we thought to do the stories justice, so we’re going to launch on Wednesday 9th February 2022.Continue reading “Steampunk anthology update”

Wyldblood 5 – NutriMom

Our current issue is full of fantastic reads – for instance Mark Silcox‘s unnerving NutriMom, set in an unnerving near future. He’re the opening: Emil discovered the plastic box beneath a sheet of flame-darkened steel that looked like it had been blown from the side of a container car.  There was something about the strangelyContinue reading “Wyldblood 5 – NutriMom”

Wyld Flash 63 – Pilgrims

This weeks’s free fiction is Pilgrims, by award-winning author Marge Simon. Because strange things happen in the Everglades… Opening lines here: Before our people’s sun went nova, our parents jettisoned us into the stars. In effect, we were once larva on a stick of super fuel. Eventually we were borne to a new home onContinue reading “Wyld Flash 63 – Pilgrims”

Wyld Flash 62 – Slowing Down

Today’s fabulous flash fiction is Claire McNerny’s Slowing Down. It’s not all about the speed – or is it? Here’s the opening: Any other day of the year, the sun would already be gone, but today it streams through the pines in pale ribbons. The girl beneath it stops walking at the slightest sound ofContinue reading “Wyld Flash 62 – Slowing Down”

Wyld FLASH 61 – City of Lights

New flash fiction on the website today – City of Lights by MM Schreier. Thought provoking science fiction. Here’s the first few paragraphs. Click the link for the rest. Rose folded her hands on her lap, the skin spotted and papery thin. Her knuckles were swollen and fingers stiff. I won’t miss all these achesContinue reading “Wyld FLASH 61 – City of Lights”

Wyldblood Magazine Issue 5 is out now!

We’ve just launched Wyldblood Magazine #5 on Amazon and on the website, available in print and in all electronic formats. What’s in it? Stories, lots of stories, about ghosts, dragons and cunningly evil computers. Here’s the run-down: Nine outstanding new science fiction and fantasy stories: A Stranger, Passing Through, by Holly Barratt. A woman, strandedContinue reading “Wyldblood Magazine Issue 5 is out now!”