Flash Fridays! July 31 2020

Check back every Friday for a new story. IN EVERY DREAM HOME Vaughan Stanger Three months have passed since Janice left me. Now she sits on one of the living room’s pair of Art Deco sofas, her knees pressed primly together, her skin blending perfectly with the cream damask upholstery. Though naked, she retains herContinue reading “Flash Fridays! July 31 2020”

Wyldblood press is OPEN for submissions Our aim is to publish high quality speculative and literary fiction. You’ll see novels, magazines and anthologies with the Wyldblood logo, drawn a diverse range of authors and illustrators. We’ll be issuing a combination of the best new talent, established authors and some well loved classics. Six times aContinue reading

What’s going to impress us (and what don’t we want to see)?

If you’re going to be submitting work to us, here are a few things you may want to bear in mind. We’ll be updating this list regularly, so check for our latest – we may suddenly have an urge for zombie romances (kidding – hell hasn’t frozen over yet). we’ve seen many things many timesContinue reading “What’s going to impress us (and what don’t we want to see)?”