Wyldblood 9


The latest science fiction and fantasy collection from Wyldblood.

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More great new science fiction and fantasy stories about outer space and inner demons. Suspension of disbelief and a vivid imagination essential.

  • Time is a trap but time has… stopped. But not for Julie. Julie walks through the moment. Traps the moment. Time to move on. Rest/Stop.
  • The disease to fear is forgetting, and forgetting leads to breakdown and a creeping apocalypse by neglect. And after things have fallen apart, perhaps,# the disease to fear is remembering. Do Not Forget Me.
  • Sam Spade and Alice Liddell in the library with Emma Bovary. Except they have blank faces and identity crises. Library of Ashes.

These and seven other fine stories fill Wyldblood’s pages with tales of sentient spaceships, monsters in the basement, the curse of the werewolf and much more.

Fiction from: Elena Gomel, David Donachie, Martin Zeigler, Mary Jo Rabe, Mike Morgan, Finn McLellan, Sarah Jackson, Michael Teasdale.#, Sam Pisciotta, David Schultz

ISBN: 978-1-914417-10-8

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